Ingredients Vitamin C, Vitamin B2, Iron Fumarat, Zinc oxid, Copper gluconat, Rutin, Panax ginseng root powder,…
Indications Used as a supplement in reducing fatigue in cases of illness and in the recovery period
Dosage and Use The usual dosage for adults is one capsule per day
Packaging 03 blisters x 10 capsules.


Multi vitamin, Minerals and Ginseng Capsules
Read carefully the leaflet before use
If you have any question, ask your doctor.
GEOTONIK™ is a multi-component with elemenis essential for the body’s metabolism such as ginseng, rutin, vitamins and minerals. All these components are effective in small amounts and synergistic with each other regardless of the body which is healthy or being sick.
If these substances are not supplied enough, this can cause changes of the vital functions which are especially important in infectious diseases, imbalanced nutrition, and overwork, new cured or after surgery or being pregnant or breast – feeding.

Age ako reduces the absorption of these factors through diet. Thus, this impairs health, resistance to external and infectious diseases as well as several other metabolic diseases.

GEOTONIK™ helps the body to maintain the balance of the required elements


For per capsule:

Vitamin C (BP) 60 mg
Vitamin B2 (BP) 2 mg
Iron Fumarat (BP) 54,76 mg
equivalent with 18 mg iron  
Zinc oxid (BP) 98 mg
equivalenL with 4 mg zinc  
Copper gluconat (USP) 14,29 mg
Equivalent with 2 mg copper  
Rutin (TCCS) 20 mg
Panax ginseng root powder (TCCS) 40 mg
Calci carbonat (BP) 225 mg
equivalent with 90 mg Calci  
Calci pantothenat (BP) 13,75 mg
equivalent with 12.60 mg acid pantothenic  
Mangan sulphat monohydrat (BP) 3,08 mg
equivalent with 1 mg Mangan  
Vitamin B12 (BP) 6 mcg
Pyridoxin hydroclorid (BP) 2 mg
equivalent with 1,65 rn Pyridoxin  
Vitamin E (TCCS) 30,2 mg
Vitamin B1 (BP) 2 mg
Nicotinamid (BP) 20 mg
Kali sulfat (BP) 17,83 mg
equivalern with 8 mg Kali  
Synthetic Retinol Concentrate – Powder form 1.O MIU/g  
Form of Retinol Palmitate (BP) 5 mg
equivalent with 5.000 IU Vitamin A  
Cholecalciferol Concentrate – OiIy Form 1.0 MIU/g (BP) 400 mcg
equivalent with 400 IU Vitamin D3  

Excipients: hydrogenated vegetable oil, microcrystalline cellulose, Lecithin, Soybean Oil, Yellow Beeswax, Gelatin, Glycerol, OPATINT food coloring Red UK 55 287 G-dispersion, dispersion OPATINT food coloring Black G-57 723 UK, pure water reagent.


Supplying vitamins and minerals in the following cases: physical weakness, anorexia, muscular dystrophy, emaciated, fatigue, stress, pregnant women, brestfeeding women, and growing children.
Being in charge as a supplement and reducing fatigue in cases of physical decline when being sick or in the recovery period.


Hypersensitivity to any component of the drug.

The usual dosage for adults is one capsule per day.


Some reports are about adverse effects of sorne vitamins, but with doses many times higher than doses used in combination in capsule formula GEOTONIK™.
Gastrointestinal disorders, some allergic reactions can occur at low levels. The adverse effects will end when you stop using drugs.
You may experience menstruation or multiple periods during using GEOTONIK™ capsule. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for permission if the situation lasts for a long time.
Promptly notify the physician of the adverse effects encountered when using drugs, if any.

– Because Vitamin A is also provided in daily food, should not exceed 5000 IU Vitamin A per day.
– Using more than 8000 IU Vitamin A (retinol) per day is capable of teratogenic; therefore do not use over 5000 IU Vitamin A per day in women in the first 03 months of pregnancy or wonen of childbearing potential (except for patient’s deficient in vitamin A).
– Carefulness is necessary when using for patients with increased urinary oxalate.
– Drugs can affect test results in urine glucose. Clinical diagnosis can be affected through the urine changes color to yellow.


A few reports are about fetal birth defects, suspected ones because the mother frequently uses high doses of Vitamin A (8000 IU per day) during or before 3 months of pregnancy. Therefore, cautions of dosage and usage are necessary when giving to pregnant or potentially pregnant.
The drug has no effect on pregnant women and breast-feeding ones as using according to specified doses.

No related reports.


There is not research about interaction medicine of product combining gingseng, multi-vitamin and minerals (capsule GEOTONIK™). However, single interaction of some substance in reported drugs:

 Vitamin A (retinol palmitate): Neomycin, cholesterol, liquid parafin decreases the absorption of vitamin A. Drug pills can increase the concentration vitamin A in plasma and disadvantage in conception. Using Vitamin A with isotretinoin results to the case like using overdosse vitamin A.
– Vitamin E (Alpha-tocopherol acetate): High dose Vitamin E can decline the ability absorption of stomach with vitamin A and vitamin K. Vitamin E can decrease eflects of vitamin K in the process renew prothrombin. Therefore, it can make warfarin promote effect.
– Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol): Do not treat vitamin D with cholestyramin or colestipol hydroclorid because it can decrease the absorption vitamin D in intestine. Do not use vitamin D with corticosteroid because of hindering effcts of vitamin D.
– Calcium pantothenate: Vitamin B5 interacts with some active antagonist as avidin, biotin, sulffon, desthiobiotin and some acid imidazolidon carboxylic.
– Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin): Alochol can cause hinder the absorption of riboflavin in intestine. Probenecid is used with riboflavin decreasing the absorption of riboflavin in stomach, intestine.
– Vitamin PP (Nicotinamid): Using nicotinamid with reductase inhibitor HGM-CoA can increase risk of rhabdomyolysis. Using nicotimaid with the blocker Alpha-adrenergic treats hyperten-sion which causes crise hypertension excessively. Diet and/or dose use of hypotension or insulin can adjust when using with nicotinamid. Using nicotamid with drugs toxicity with liver can cause harm for liver. Do not use nicotinamid with carbamazepin because of increasing the concentration carbarnazepin plasma to increase toxic.
– Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxin hydroclorid): Vitamin B6 decreases effects of levodopa in treating Parkinson.
– Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid): Using Vitamin C with the aspirin increases excretion vitamin C and decreases the aspirin in urine. Using vitamin C and fluphenazin decreases the concetration of fluphenazin plasma. The acidification of urine after using vitamin C can change the excretion of other drugs.
– Calci: Some following drug inhibition eliminate calci through the kidney: thiazid, clopamid, ciprofloxacin, chlorthalidon, and anticonvulsant. Calci decreases absorption of demeclocylin, doxycyclin, metacyIin, minocyclin, iron, zinc and other minerals. Diuretics thiazid increases concentration of calci plasma.


No overdose is reported.

Storage at a cool dry place, protected from light, at temperatures below 300C.
Keep out of the reach of children.

2 years from date of manufacture.

Manufacturer’s standard.

03 blisters x 10 capsulcs.

Toll manufacture
21 Reaths Farm Road, MINTO NSW 2566, Australia.