NQ Healthcare Australia Pty Ltd, with its headquarters in Brisbane, Australia, was established in 2010 by Dr Quang Nguyen, an internationally recognised Cardiologist & Surgeon. The company initially operated as a distributor into Vietnam of Australian vitamin products; with the rapid growth of Vietnam’s economy & healthcare system, an opportunity was identified to expand into Australian cardio vitamin supplements.


To exploit the substantial international sales potential of the cardio vitamin supplements, Dr Nguyen made the decision to sell his Ho Chi Minh Medical Device company to IdsMED, a subsidiary of the Hong Kong based Li & Fung Group. In a multi million dollar deal, the sale proceeds were used to finance the expansion of the Australian operation, and to fund clinical trials and product development.


NQ Healthcare Australia has recently expanded its markets into Cambodia and Laos. In the next 2 years, the company will launch its cardio supplements into China and Japan using an online sales platform.


NQ Healthcare Australia PTY. LTD is “Good Manufacturing Practice” (GMP) accredited.

Our core product focus has been in the medical fields of cardiology and cardiovascular surgery. Our pharmacy division is at an embryonic, but growing stage and we expect to have some key product registrations in 2019. In addition, we are also expanding our cardiology product lines.

We view our manufacturers as partners. We are careful and deliberate in the development of these relationships to ensure the right fit for the market. Each manufacturer is internationally renowned, has advanced R&D and product development capabilities and provides a clear advantage in its product applications.


NQ Healthcare Australia PTY. LTD has a team of 5 members, including a business partnership development director, a national operation manager and 3 in-house sales representatives. We also have logistics, warehouse/distribution and finance teams to provide timely delivery and customer support. NQ Healthcare Australia will continue to build a team of high caliber technical and non-technical professionals to provide the best possible service to our customers.

Under the stewardship and management of Dr. Quang, integrity and honesty are embedded in NQ Healthcare Australia’s culture. The company has earned the trust and respect of regional and international medical communities. We work closely with physicians and hospitals to improve the level of care through advanced medical and pharmaceutical products and we are honored to represent such reputable brands in our product offering.


NQ Healthcare Australia PTY. LTD was founded by Quang Nguyen, MD, in 2010. The company commenced as a distributor in Vietnam of Australia vitamin products. As Vietnam’s economy grew so did the level and scope of healthcare. Having a background in cardiology, Dr. Quang Nguyen saw an opportunity to market Vitamins to cardiologists throughout Vietnam.


Dr. Quang’s medical device business was sold to IdsMED group; a subsidiary of Li & Fung Group in Hong Kong. The funds are used to finance the expansion of the Australia export operation.


NQ Healthcare Australia expands its markets into Cambodia and Laos. In the long run, NQ Healthcare Australia plans to expand its coverage into other markets in the Southeast Asia region, including China and Japan.